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Google reader is going awayIf you’re reading this blog from Google Reader, it’s time to take action – Google Reader is going away as of July 1st. Don’t worry, though – you can still easily access Keppie Careers and your other favorite blogs.

Alternatives to Google Reader

One easy option to keep up with my posts is to subscribe via email. When you subscribe, you’ll get a copy of “60 Tips to Land a Job” and a special offer for business owners! You’ll receive a weekly email with my blog posts and some additional information from me each Sunday. Sign up here.

Or, if you really like to view posts from a reader, you can try some of the popular tools that are replacing Google Reader. The one that seems to have the most buzz is called Feedly.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to move your feeds from Google Reader to Feedly.

Here’s what Feedly wants you to know about moving from Google Reader.

You may want to try out Feedly, which requires a free plug-in for Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. (It doesn’t work in Internet Explorer.) When you log in with your Google name and password, it will re-create your Google Reader for you. (It can’t get much easier than that!) It also had a neat feature that allows you to easily add feeds to your Feedly reader via an integrated button on your browser.

There are many other alternatives to Google Reader to capture and review the content you like to see. FlipBoard is one app that combines a visual and content focused experience. If you like many options, The New York Times recently published an article about readers. They note, “Newsreaders are available for every kind of phone, tablet and computer: Bloglines, NewsBlur, Pulse, Taptu, Reeder, FeedDemon, Spundge, Good Noows, HiveMined, Prismatic, Netvibes, NetNewsWire, ManagingNews and so on.”

So, if you’re a Google Reader fan, make the switch now, before it’s too late. If you never look at your feeds anyway, be sure to sign up via email to receive Keppie Careers’ links once a week. Please share your ideas for keeping track of your favorite blogs in the comments.



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  • Very timely Miriam! Feedly is super easy to transfer your Google Reader feeds. I like it because it makes it super easy to share content on lots of different social platforms (LI, FB, Twitter, G+, etc). Just yesterday I added my feeds to mostly because it allows me to search my collection of feeds by key words. I often have problems remembering which post I saw and liked. I can do this with theoldreader.