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What people are saying about Miriam and Keppie Careers


I’ve talked to a lot of people about social media, and they don’t know the half of what you know.

Don M.

When I listened to you speak about using social media to improve your business, I knew I had to work with you.

Arielle B.

I count meeting Miriam as one of the 10 best things I have done for my own career. She is one of those people whose opinion counts. Not only did she help me prepare world-class job search documents and enrich my personal on-line brand, but she is also a gifted business writer who works magic with any written communication. Most importantly, Miriam has become a colleague I trust. She has a deep understanding of many industries and I consider her an expert in all social networking platforms. Miriam is always on the cutting edge, and I know she will help many job seekers get noticed.

Ken R.

I attended both of your 30 minutes sessions today and found them to be very, very informative. The information you shared will help me as I work with my students and will help me professionally. Today I created a Google account and joined a few circles and updated my LinkedIn profile to include the new skills section. This weekend I do plan to create and use a Twitter account. I’ve attended sessions in the past but left without concrete ways to apply the information. I can now see the use in being on Twitter 🙂

Jill F.

“Thank you so much for your help!  I appreciate your unique ability to look through my “mess” and help me tease out the important facts and present them effectively.  I have learned so much from this process.  I’ve sought out a lot of resources in the past to make the resume writing process, but they’ve never been as informative as working with you.  You have helped me to view summarizing job accomplishments and tasks in a whole new light, using $ and % to help demonstrate how what I’ve done actually matters.  In fact, you really got me thinking about what I’m truly doing each day at work…Again, thank you for helping me to view my skills, abilities, and the value I add in a whole new light!  Now I can confidently go into an interview and say, “Yes, I did this for them, I can do it for you too.”
Heather L.

The recruiter who called me today asked if I had my resume professionally written because it was one of the best he’s ever seen! Thank you for helping to showcase what I have to offer!

Kelly L.

You were so kind and thoughtful. I knew from reading your blog that you would be able to help me. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to using my transformed resume!

Shelly C

I landed an interview within a week! They really like my resume. Thanks for all of your help!

Julie R.

Our mock interview really narrowed down my weaknesses. Thanks for your great suggestions to improve. I’m much more confident and ready to take on my next job interview now!

Alex M.

I never thought it would happen, but I found a job! Your resume must have done the trick, because I’ve been looking so long and nothing! I’ll be happy to tell my friends to contact you when they need help! Thanks so much!

Cathy F.

Our conversation served as great job interview practice. (Miriam) asks some tough, thought-provoking questions!

Andrew R.

I had an interview yesterday with a company that I’m very excited about. I had sent them a version of the resume we worked on about a week ago, and they responded back within 24 hours asking for an interview! Thanks for everything!

Lauren B.

Miriam understands the frustration of the twenty-something trying to pursue a career and has devoted herself to helping others achieve their goals. My correspondence with Miriam has resulted in not only a renewed determination in the pursuit of my career, but also in a remarkable transformation for both my resume and, perhaps most importantly, confidence in myself.

Susan P.

I’m hardly a religious person, but I must bless you for all the inspiration and support you’ve given me. What you do is very special. I hope earthly rewards will follow, because you deserve them.

Gloria M.

I floundered around for months, unemployed and without knowing what to do. Then, you revised my resume and wrote my cover letters and interview invitations started streaming in! I can’t THANK YOU enough for all that you’ve done to encourage and support me in this tough time.

Noel P.

After being out of the work force for over four years, I was lost when facing the task of updating my resume. Keppie Careers was a life-saver! We all have skills and talents; however, getting them on paper in a way that pops out to potential employers is an art. Thanks to Keppie Careers, I now have a polished, professional and very well written resume and have found the perfect job! Thank you for your outstanding service!

Monica M.

I did get a job offer today based on my new resume – more than I had in 1 month with the old resume! (Received this email within 48 hours of delivering new resume!)

Andi D.

Miriam, I must tell you again how pleased I am with what you’ve done for my resume so far. When I’m lying awake at night worrying about my future, I feel better when I read about my accomplishments as you’ve set them out so far. I can’t tell you how much this means to me.

Gloria M.

You helped me reach for a promotion and get it! My new resume stood out among many other applicants and made my organization take a second look at me. I now understand that I am more marketable than I thought. I can define my strengths and skills, and I feel better about my career now that I know what I have to offer and where to focus my energies. Thanks so much!

Jeff R.

Just wanted to share that I had an interview yesterday with (an insurance company). The hiring manager told me that when he saw my resume, he knew he had to meet me! He said that my resume is easily one of the best he has seen (and he sees thousands!), and that when he read it, he thought that I was tailor-made for the open position. We met for two hours and he already invited me for a second interview next week! Thank you for helping me open some doors and get in front of an influential decision maker. Your tips have been very helpful. We’ll see where things lead!

Lori M.

I am very pleased and excited by the results so far. This process has been a great “shot in the arm” for my confidence. Again, thank you for the kind words and the advice. This resume gives me a great foundation for my story in the interview. It was a pleasure working with you and I will keep you informed of my progress as well as recommend your services to whomever I meet. Thanks again!

David T.

(Before we worked together) I felt like I had no skills, that no one would look twice at my resume, let alone hire me, and I should just give up before I even start. Now I feel amazing! You helped me remember that I am good at something, and that I do have some marketable skills. Actually, for the first time in a while, I feel good about what I’m saying about myself. (Now I’m getting all weepy). So again, thank you!

Kelly L.

Today, when so many businesses fall short of expectations, it is a refreshing experience to work with a company that has exceeded my expectations. Hiring Keppie Careers and Miriam Salpeter to rewrite my resume and advise me on my career search was an excellent decision. I found Miriam to be organized, efficient and knowledgeable. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent, and her strategies for career success are easy to understand and quickly implement. With the assistance of Keppie Careers, I now have a targeted, original and well-written resume.

Robert V.


Unless you spend all of your time keeping up-to-date on what’s happening today regarding job search, social media and how to be found for the opportunities you want, you are missing important information. It’s money out the window. Let me give you the tools you need to succeed in your career or business. If you are ready, so am I!

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