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Do you win a blue ribbon at your interviews? John Kalusa is a nationally recognized writer who speaks about corporate sales, recruiting, and personal career management. With over 25 years of experience as a strategic recruiting, human resources, and sales and marketing management leader in start-ups and Fortune 250 companies. Having interviewed thousands of candidates, Kalusa offers the following interview tips:

Ask questions.

Always have at least five questions you can ask when the interview asks the inevitable inquiry, “What else can I share with you about ______ or the _______ position.” It’s a classic interview-closing question, so expect it.

Be prepared and ask about things of interest to you.

Incorporate your research. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll already know some of the issues the company or industry as a whole is facing. If you’ve really thought about how the position you are applying to adds value to their company, you’ll be way ahead of the competition (other candidates) and will be able to focus your responses to intrigue, inspire, and motivate the “prospect” to want to talk more and better yet, move one step closer to making him or her your next “customer.”

Say thank you.

ACT AS IF. AKA, “Give Away Some Free Advice.”

He continues, “If you’ve had the opportunity to participate in an initial “discovery” sales call (aka an interview) for a position, think about what you would seek to accomplish the first 90 days and then put together a short outline in your thank you or follow up note to the hiring manager (copying the recruiter). It shows interest and that you have at least thought about what you would do if hired.”

Read the whole post on my U.S. News & World Report column.

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