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The title may ring a bell for anyone watching TV commercials in the early 1980’s. (I’m too young to remember, but I heard it from one of my TV gurus!)

What does it have to do with job search? Well, this isn’t actually a post about what to wear…Mainly, it’s inspired by watching the Golden Globes. I’ve only seen some of it so far (I missed the opening), but it seems to me that no one on the stage seems to know where they are going! Did you notice?

Then, Paul Rudd and Selma Hayek presented and their cue cards apparently didn’t come up, so they totally missed their lines. All I could think was, “Don’t they know what they were there to present? Shouldn’t they have been able to say the award they were there to discuss without cue cards?”

What’s the lesson for the job seeker or small business owner from tonight’s show so far (at 8:56 pm ET)? Plan. Prepare. Practice. Ask questions if you need to…Don’t be the job seeker or business owner who doesn’t know which direction to go,  which exit to take or what to say next.

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  • You hit the nail on the head, Miriam! One of MY favorite stories about being prepared in the job search is telling job seekers that they cannot expect to find the perfect job, i.e. their “golden needle,” unless they know what they are looking for. This means they need to clearly define their job search goal (which includes both what they DO want and what they want to AVOID) so that when it appears, they recognize it. Taking this another step, I also explain that you cannot expect to land on the needle just anywhere and then expect it to prick you. Rather, you must be searching in the right haystack in the first place! This means focus your search precisely to be in the right place at the right time.