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Social Media Coaching and Training

Social media tools can help you succeed, whether you are a job seeker or business owner. You want to be able to learn what you need to know to access them efficiently and effectively because your time is valuable! I can help you use these tools to your advantage to help you succeed in today’s competitive landscape:

LinkedIn. You are on LinkedIn (or maybe not?), but you are not sure what to do now? Expand your network with a profile to appeal to recruiters, hiring managers and prospective clients. I will create your LinkedIn profile and teach you how to use the site to accomplish your business or career goals.

Twitter. You cannot turn on the TV without hearing about Twitter, but you have no idea how to make it work for your business. Twitter is deceptively simple; it does not take a rocket scientist to succeed, but you do not want to waste precious time using Twitter in a way that is NOT productive.

I will help you dive into Twitter using a purposeful, thoughtful and useful approach. Find out why media outlets including CNN,  The Wall Street Journal,,, 11 Alive (Atlanta’s NBC affiliate)  and others contact me for professional advice about leveraging Twitter. As a power Twitter user on CNN list of “top 10 job tweeters you should be following,” I provide shortcuts, resources and tips to help you succeed.

Facebook. Leverage this network that, if it were a country, would be the third most populous in the world! I can teach you how to set up your profile or do it for you.

Google+. This network offers opportunities to be found, and to find, people. I wrote a guide to get you started, and I’m happy to help you learn why using Google+ can help make it easier to find you and your business online.

Blogging. Thinking of starting a blog? I have successfully leveraged my blog and social media presence to gain exposure on national and local media outlets. You can do it too! Let me teach you what I have learned so you can reach your goals faster than you would on your  own.

Coaching/Personalized Package. My coaching rate is $300/hour. Contact me to discuss your goals and I will be happy to customize a package that specifically meets your unique needs. Special rates are available for clients who purchase several hours of coaching.

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