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Social Networking for Business SuccessSocial Networking Business Success Cover Small

As corporations shift their hiring practices and on-board more and more freelance and independent workers, everyone will need to begin to think of themselves as independent contractors. Harvard Business Review reports that the 17 million independent workers today is expected to rise to 23 million by 2017.

In light of these data, it is crucial for anyone who expects to earn a living to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and prepare to market themselves online. Social Networking for Business Success: Turn Your Ideas into Income, is now available in bookstores and online. This practical guide is for savvy existing business owners as well as those who are considering starting new entrepreneurial ventures. It includes practical checklists and describes all the tools you need to create and maintain a social media presence for you and your company.

Filled with resources and ideas, Social Networking for Business Success will inspire experienced and new social media users to use the Internet to grow their businesses. This book is for you if you’ve ever wondered how to:

  • Connect with people you don’t know and convince them to reach for their wallets
  • Inspire trust, build partnerships and make more money
  • Market and advertise your business without spending a dime
  • Leverage small details that make big differences in online searches
  • Look smarter than your competition and make the best use of your limited time

Take a look at what others are saying about Social Networking for Business Success, which can be purchased anywhere books are sold and online at

Social Networking for Career Success

Social Networking for Career Success New CoverNow in a brand new (for Fall, 2013) edition, Social Networking for Career Success includes my advice and insights regarding how to use all the biggies: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and MORE for job hunting. Available both as a soft-cover book and as an ebook (via Kindle).

The best part? Over 100 of my colleagues (most of whom I met via Twitter and blogging) provided their thoughts and expertise in my book. Recruiters, social media pros, career coaches – you name it, their advice is included. Take a look at this list of amazing contributors and see what people are saying about Social Networking for Career Success.

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100 Conversations for Career Success

Co-authored with Laura Labovich, this indispensable guide arms you with situation-specific strategies to help you communicate effectively and overcome job search hurdles. The result? Improved networking relationships and more career opportunities! Inside, you will find more than 100 true-to-life scripts, tips, and templates to help motivate you to approach your contacts—from friends of friends to VIPs—with confidence.

What do other experts say about our book?

“Are you looking for work? Meet your two new best friends: Miriam and Laura. Passing over vague, useless advice, these two zero in on the specifics of how to make the right connections and what to say once you do. If you want to have a successful job search, begin with this book.” — Anita Bruzzese, , USA Today columnist and author of 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy

“..From cold calling to leaving voice mail messages to nailing phone interviews, Laura Labovich and Miriam Salpeter have figured it out and offer their smart insights and advice. This book will seriously help you diminish those sweaty palm moments during your job hunt.” — Eve Tahmincioglu, career writer for and

Find it on Amazon.


You Need A Job: 5 Steps to Get One

You are totally fed up with looking for a job. There is so much to do; you don’t know where to start. It’s not easy navigating today’s competitive climate, and you should not have to do it alone. You need to know what’s worth your time and what’s a waste. You need to cut through the muck and just get a job already — time is ticking.

How about 5 steps to job search success?

In this eBook I co-authored with Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa), we have broken down every major aspect of job search into five, easy to understand pieces. You’ll be able to skillfully navigate your way to a new job with this guide. Reading it is kind of like having a coach right there with you — cheering you on and telling you what to do next.

We teach you exactly what you need to know to:

Start your search off on the right foot.

Network your way to success.

Learn how to make social media work.

Apply for jobs.

Rock your interview.

In short — you will learn exactly what you need to know to get the job. In five steps.

No fluff. Just the nitty-gritty – a laser focus on what you need to know NOW to stop looking and start landing.

What you get:

108-page PDF packed with step-by-step instructions of exactly what you need to know!

4 templates to help you write your resume, cover letter, thank you letter and marketing plan.

A 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t learn something, return it for your money back!

Take a peek at the table of contents.

What do you have to lose?


Your Guide to Getting Started With Google+

Don’t get left behind the social media wagon. Recruiters are eagerly diving in to Google+, looking for early adopters as examples of strong candidates. Other recruiters are sharing tips and tricks about how to use Google+ with their colleagues and touting Google profiles as wonderful resources to find and source candidates.

You don’t want to spend all of your time Googling advice and resources to use Google+  effortlessly and conveniently. Now, you don’t have to; I did the work for you. In addition to my advice about how to use this new tool, this guide has links to numerous, vetted resources full of information you’ll need to know. No more wading through information to find exactly what you need. Save time, money and your sanity by purchasing this guide to get you started.

In my digital guide, I explain:

  • Why you should use Google+
  • How to find people to follow
  • How to make it easier for recruiters and potential clients to find you
  • Tips, tricks and links to make your Google+ experience more efficient, effective and successful!

I believe it’s important to explain WHY you should use Google+, so I start out with persuasive arguments explaining why you should get started. You’ll need a top-notch Google profile, and I walk you through, step-by-step.

I offer lists of resources to help you find people on Google+, tips to be sure you are easy to find, resources to help you identify and use your keywords (crucial for using social media tools), links to information about how to maintain your privacy and other resources for continued, updated details about Google+.

All for the low, starting price of $6.95. Don’t wait until I raise the price! Click the button below to purchase via PayPal or your credit card. You’ll receive the guide as a PDF via email as soon as you pay. Be sure to let me know what you think!


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