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You want to work with someone who has credibility and knows how to advise you effectively and efficiently. I hope it helps you to know that major media outlets frequently request my expertise and quote my advice. (You can see many of these appearances and mentions linked below.) Learn more about how I can help you…

A compilation of articles in mainstream media for which Miriam has served as a source:


11:00 am ET hour with Fredricka Whitfield

8:00 am ET hour with Alina Cho

CNN Money — 12 Money Moves in 3 Hours or Less

CNN: 10 Job Tweeters You Should Be Following

Newsweek/The Daily Beast

Study shows Facebook friends are effective in finding new jobs

The Wall Street Journal

At last, the job market shows signs of life

Networking on the Job

Forget the Resume – Try Tweeting (FINS/Wall Street Journal digital network)

Build a Page on the Web

Why Some New Grads are Delaying the Job Search

An Internship from Your Couch

Avoid Summer Slump

Finding a Finance Job Through Twitter: Twittering or Frittering? (FINS/Wall Street Journal digital network)

Five Mistakes Online Job Hunters Make

Great Resume, Lousy Credit

The New York Times

Social Networking Your Way to a New Job

The Washington Post

Google crunches data on munching in the office

Money Magazine

The 5-Step Guide to Surviving a Social Media Mishap

How to Get a Raise in 2016


You Can Have Your Own Social Media Team

The WA Today, Australia

Munching data: how Google Solved its M&M problem


6 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 60’s 

6 Best Career Moves to Make in Your 50’s

This is the Easiest Way to Expand Your Job Search Network

How to Spin a Jack-of-All Trades Career to Your Advantage

Don’t Let a Freelance Disaster Destroy Your Career

How to Ace 10 of the Most Common Interview Questions

How to Turn Down a Job Offer

Best Books to Boost Your Career in 2013

Twitter to Find a Job

Use Twitter to Find a Job

Secrets to Finding a Job Online

What Should You Do If Your Boss Begs You to Stay?

What Should You Do If Your Boss Begs You to Stay (updated)

Why Every Job Seeker Should Have a Personal Website

Glamour Magazine

11 Ways to Become the Most Popular Worker in the Office

How to Tell if You’re Ready to Go Freelance

Fast Company

How to Appear Reliable with a Job-Hopper Resume

Business Insider

14 Things You Should Do As Soon as You Quit Your Job

Things Successful People Do Between Jobs

How to Instantly Expand Your Professional Network

How to become a networking superstar

NextAvenue: PBS

How to avoid being marginalized at work


How to Take the Right Risks Early in Your Career

Intuit Small Business Blog

How to detox your small business in 2014


Career Experts Reveal Top 3 Networking Mistakes

Bosses aren’t usually amused by April Fools’ Day

Spring clean your job search

Want a job? Tweet in a recruiter’s face

BBC Capital

Social Media is Not the Magic Bullet for Job Seekers

Teen Vogue

Dos and Don’ts for Finding Your First Job Out of College


4 Ways to make social media work for you

5 Social media mistakes that can mess with your career

Fortune/CNN Money

Should you include volunteer work on your resume?


Want to Stand Out in a Job Search? Upload a Photo

Tribun Style (Indonesia)

Tak Melulu Soal Penghasilan, Pekerjaan Terbaik Itu yang Kayak Gimana Sih Guys?

5 Things Not to do on a resume


How to Get Along With a Younger Boss 

Huffington Post

Marlo Thomas’ Channel: 15 tips to land a job

Huff Post College Channel:  Job networking through social media: the advantages of using LinkedIn for college students


Advice for New Grads

Bottom Line Publications

Searching for a Job? 

Job Hunting? Innocent Facebook posts can ruin your chances

Investor’s Business Daily

Take care of your online reputation

CBS News Affiliate, Atlanta

Job seekers have tough questions about job fair

CBS News MoneyWatch BNet

Could Google+ Be the Best Social Network for Your Job Search?

Chicago Tribune

How to land a job in 2012

Furloughs: The Vacation You Never Wanted

The Biggest Mistake Job Hunters Make

Job Listing Hall of Shame

Where Students Can Find Part-Time Jobs

More Moms and Dads Getting Own “Virtual Tattoo”

Attention College Applicants: Admissions Can See Your Facebook

Four Intern Mistakes to Avoid

How to break up with your mentor


4 Mistakes New Tech Grads Should Avoid

Using social media to get the job you want

AOL Jobs

Who to follow for your job search in 2013

How to Use Social Networking for Career Success

Increase your marketability with these four important skills

How to handle illegal interview questions

Print Magazines

Real Simple magazine (December 2011): Featured in: Money Management for the Time Pressed – print only

Money magazine (December 2011) – print only

Real Simple (September 2013) – Social Media and Job Hunting

Real Simple (March 2014) – 3 Social Media Mistakes

Men’s Health

Find a New Job Without Applying

Men’s Health (November 2011) – print only

Women’s Health

Social media mistakes that mess with your career

Manage Your Online Reputation – What Your Resume Can’t Hide

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Explore Jobs and Social Media

10 Job Tweeters You Should Be Following

Rock Your Resume in any Situation

How to use every social network to find a job

The most unprofessional interview I ever had (tips)

Everything you need to know about following up in your job search

The Daily Muse

15 Experts not to miss on Twitter

15 Job Search Experts to Follow on Twitter

How to tell someone you’re job hunting (without killing the conversation)


Over 50 Job Seekers: Tweet Your Way to a New Career

 Selected Mentions and Awards

Forbes “Top 100 Websites for Your Career

Mashable “Top 5 Influencer for Job Seekers”

CEO World’s “Brilliant and Successful Career Experts to Follow on Twitter

CEO World’s “Top 25 Women to Follow On Twitter for Job Search

The Muse’s “Top 15 Job Search Experts to Follow on Twitter

Career Glider’s top career experts to follow on social media

Additional Regional, National and International Media

College Magazine 5 tips to amp up your resume

Tech News Daily Facebook Could Be a Liability for Job Seekers

The Seattle Times/NW Jobs — Expert advice on using Twitter

Atlanta’s NBC Affiliate – 11 Alive News: From the Jobs Beat: How to Overcome Being ‘Overqualified’

Atlanta’s NBC Affiliate – 11 Alive News: Tweet Your Way to a Job – Twitter to Find a Job

Mercury News – Twitter’s Becoming an important tool for job seekers and employers

Chicago Tribune – Twitter’s Becoming an important tool for job seekers

The Globe and Mail – Tweet Your Way to a New Job

Anita Bruzzese’s National Column, On the Job

MSN Careers/

Wisconsin Public Radio – Joy Cardin’s Show

Phlare Magazine, May 2009

Career Success Radio with Carrie and Andy Robinson

High Velocity Radio – (using social media to propel your job search)

Washington Business Journal – Arm Yourself With Powerful Networking Questions’s Best Twitter Job Search Experts

Career Rocketeer – 150+ Job Search Experts All Job Seekers Should Follow

Harvey Mackay’s book – Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door (p. 144)

Other Mentions named Keppie Careers to their list of top 100 places to get career and life advice online. named Keppie Careers to their top 100 career advice blogs.

Keppie Careers’ blog is featured on’s “career” page. listed Keppie Careers’ blog as part of their “11 for 2011 — Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search.”

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Writing Featured In:

Business Insider

U.S. News & World Report

Next Avenue

The Street: 6 Career Killing Email Mistakes