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Resume Transformations

I know how frustrating it is…You have been applying for jobs left and right, but you never get a call back.

Are you blaming things beyond your control, such as:

– The economy?

– Your age or experience?

– Your industry?

– Another scapegoat?

Have you stopped to think that maybe you have more control over your job hunt than you thought? Is it your resume or approach that is holding you back?

Don’t waste your time, money or sanity by sending out a resume that isn’t optimized for your skills and accomplishments!

I often hear from clients who have been sending out their resumes for months without results. Many are astounded to be offered an interview within days of using their new resume. I’m not surprised…All they needed were the right materials and up-to-date job hunting advice!

Ask yourself: Can you afford NOT to have a top-notch, professionally written resume in today’s competitive environment?

Follow these links to review our “Before” and “Transformed” samples to see what a Keppie Careers transformation can do for you!

Before Transformed
Insurance (experienced) Insurance (experienced)
PR (experienced) PR (experienced)
Business Analyst (experienced) Business Analyst  (experienced)
Media Expert (experienced) Media Expert (experienced)
Public Health (new professional) Public Health (new professional)

Additional Samples:

Documentary Film Maker


Personal Trainer

Logistics Specialist

Marketing Communications Manager

*Please be aware that copying the text of these samples is considered plagiarism and may jeopardize your job search.

These samples provide a taste of how we can transform your resume. Your resume will reflect YOUR unique skills and accomplishments.*


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