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Services for Entrepreneurs

I know how to get you noticed! Learn how I became a respected expert by leveraging social media marketing. Today, CNN and reporters for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal,, Newsweek and other major media contact me, all because of my successful online strategy. It worked for my business, now let me help you.*

Done for You Social Media Services

You’re a business owner or executive. You want to take advantage of social media’s ability to showcase your thought leadership, but you don’t have time to create and fill a consistent stream of content online. I can help! Your investment will depend on how extensive a project we create, but these services start at $2000/month. Packages are available.

Learn to use social media for your business!Miriam-Small

The Smart Business Owner’s Social Media Help Desk

For business owners, I offer a unique program, the Smart Business Owner’s Social Media Help Desk. It’s a private group, specially designed to help you:

  • Promote your business online without sounding “salesy”
  • Attract customers by helping them, not selling to them
  • Establish yourself as a trusted expert in your industry
  • Build connections with potential business partners

You’ll have 24-hour access to ask your questions, and I’ll be there daily to help you overcome every social media issue, from the big issues (what to say in your profile) to the most mundane (is there really a “best time” to post?)

Learn more about it via

Social Media Audit

You’ll send me your social media links and some information about your goals and target audience (you’ll answer questions I ask). Then, we’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone going over some key points for you to revise and review. This can include everything from details about you online bios to suggestions to improve your reach. Your investment: $300.

Online Profiles / Business Websites

You know you need a great online presence to get attention and to sell your products or services, but you don’t know where to start. You have questions, for example:

  • Do I need a blog?
  • What should I put on my site?
  • How can I make sure Google notices me?
  • How can I get this done if I don’t have a lot of time?

I have answers!

Social Media Training

I will help you use these tools to your advantage to be successful in today’s competitive landscape. Use these tools to help influence what Google knows about you and showcase your skills and accomplishments.

LinkedIn. You’re on LinkedIn (or maybe not?), but you are not sure what to do now? I can teach you how to expand your network with a profile to appeal to prospective clients. I will create your LinkedIn profile and teach you how to use the site to accomplish your business goals.

Twitter. You cannot turn on the TV without hearing about Twitter, but you have no idea how to make it work for your business.  Twitter is deceptively simple – it does not take a rocket scientist to succeed, but you do not want to waste precious time using Twitter in a way that is NOT productive.

I will help you dive into Twitter using a purposeful, thoughtful and useful approach. Find out why media outlets including CNN, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and others contact me for professional advice. As a power Twitter user, I provide shortcuts, resources and tips to help you succeed.

Facebook. How can you make the most of this network that, if it were a country, would be the third most populous in the world? I can teach you how to set up your profile or do it for you, and show you how to use it to accomplish your business goals.

Instagram and Pinterest. What should you do in these visual networks to get noticed and get more clients or customers?

Google+. The newest of the big social networks offers opportunities to be found — and to find– people. I wrote a guide to get you started, and I’m happy to help you take advantage of Google’s “Search Plus Your World,” where you use Google+ to help make sure people will find you and your business when they search Google — without paying a thing!

Blogging. Thinking of starting a blog? I have successfully leveraged my blog and social media presence to gain exposure on national and local media outlets. I can help you do it too!

Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube. Do you know how to help your videos get noticed? YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world; you can influence how often people will find your videos online. I can help!

Coaching is $300 per hour.

Writing and Editing Services

Copy writing and editing. Your written materials can make or break your business. Applying for awards? I wrote Stevie Sales & Marketing Award nominations, and 100% became finalists, including three winners. Ensure your digital and printed information represent you and your brand well. Contact me for a quote.

Working Together

Coaching/Personalized Package. Contact me to discuss your goals and I will be happy to customize a package that specifically meets your unique needs. Special rates are available for clients who purchase several hours of coaching; hourly packages are also available for $300 per hour, depending on your needs.

*Note: I use all of my experience and information I learn on a regular basis to advise you and to create materials that I believe suit your target audience. However, our work together is an art more than a science. I cannot guarantee any outcome or result of the advice I provide or the materials I write for you.
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