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Social Networking for Business SuccessHow can you start or grow your business?  To help you succeed, I’m thrilled to announce that Hannah Morgan and I co-authored Social Networking for Business Success: Turn Your Ideas into Income, a brand-new book filled with resources and tips to help you thrive in today’s economy. (Click to tweet about it!)

This book to show you how to grow your business could not come at a more perfect time. As more and more companies begin to hire freelancers to fill roles that may have gone to full-time employees, many of us cannot expect to rely on landing traditional jobs for our entire careers. This is a challenge most are not prepared to tackle. The solution? You must identify opportunities to create new income streams and learn how to self market or face being eclipsed by people who do.

Social Networking for Business Success provides exactly the information you need to succeed in today’s economy, whether hanging a shingle and running your own business has been a life-long dream or an idea you’ve never considered.

Social media and online tools make it easier than ever to create a profitable business selling goods or services. When used to their potential, these networking resources can help you:

  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Grow your network.
  • Learn new things.
  • Sell your goods or services.

Grow Your Business

Social Networking for Business Success teaches you how to:

  • Connect with people you don’t know and convince them to reach for their wallets.
  • Inspire trust, build partnerships and make more money.
  • Market and advertise your business without spending a dime.
  • Leverage small details that make big differences in online searches.
  • Look smarter than your competition and make the best use of your limited time.

Do not get left behind the eight ball; act now to prepare to market your ideas and to run an independent business  to enhance your income opportunities and earning potential. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner who hasn’t ramped up online, yet: this book will help you overcome obstacles to your success and get you on the right path.

Don’t take my word for it! See a sample of reviews from others in the business community about Social Networking for Business Success:

“Starting and running a business is hard work, but never in history has it been so easy to connect with an audience, find a customer, or market your brand. Social media allows anyone to connect with the entire world given a little work and very little money. This book shows you how to do it right.” – David Linton, Owner, Arobase Group, Highest Certified Apple Computer System Expert

“The entire book is filled with common sense easy to apply ideas…if you’re in business you need to get and read this book.” –  Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, bestselling author

“Filled with strategies and tactics, recommended resources, and helpful tips–this book is a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs.” – Shawn Graham, Small Business Marketing Consultant

If you’ve ever thought about running a business or think it’s time for some new strategies to ramp your existing business up online, we hope you will buy a copy of Social Networking for Business Success. Please help us meet a sales goal by purchasing it from Amazon on our “launch date,” September 3rd — the day after Labor Day.

As a special bonus, we are offering a free Q&A call-in for anyone who purchases the book on September 3rd via Amazon AND a free checklist to help you create a branded bio! All you need to do is order you copy on that day, then click here and fill out the form to access this special offer.

We hope you’re curious enough to check it out. Remember to wait until September 3rd to buy your copy to take advantage of the special free offers. 

So mark your calendar and head over to Amazon on September 3rd and then sign up for the bonus offers; it’s our special way of saying thank you and celebrating the day after Labor Day.

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